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Lost 52 lbs in 50 days

I grew up eating typical island food – lots of rice, Spam, Pork lau lau and macaroni salad, etc. I have also struggled with my weight, bad eating habits and drug and alcohol abuse for quite some time. A few years ago I became inspired by my friends Eric Nies and Penny Dinn and liked what they were doing with the anabolic Transformation. I told them I was ready for a life change. After 50 days on the Transformation, I lost 52 pounds. I feel great! You can see the color of my eyes and my clothes are fitting better. On the Cleanse, I had no desire for other foods - I wasn’t expecting that at all! It is a trip - Purium products work really, really well. I feel calmer, like I can handle any situation. While on the fast but hanging at a neighborhood picnic, my coach Penny asked me, “If you could have any food at all right now, what would it be?” All I honestly wanted was a really good smoothie with goji berries, cacao nibs, and flax seeds- she loved hearing that… I was not tempted at all [by some of his old favorite meats grilling right under his nose] not one bit. I just feel too awesome. I feel better than ever- like a new man!

Tin Tin P.
Lost 52 lbs in 50 days

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