10-Day Transformation

Lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days, with this simple, yet scientifically-complex program. Purium’s Power Shake provides the nutrients that cells crave, suppressing appetite at only 150 calories per serving. Daily Fiber blend helps increase “skinny hormone” adiponectin and the cleansing process with elimination. Super Lytes supports hydration. Apothe-Cherry is full of antioxidants and deep-sleep supporting melatonin, so you can recharge your body with proper rest each night. And Super Amino 23 is a unique, non-calorie vegan protein that helps build and protect muscles - forcing the body to burn stored fat. This pack also includes a BPA-Free Shaker Bottle, Tape Measure, Gym Bag and 10-Day Transformation Schedule.

  • Burns fat and builds muscle
  • Helps the body break addictions to harmful foods
  • Aids the body in detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract

Never reduce or discontinue the use of a medication without doctor’s approval. Weight loss results will vary. In 2013, participants reported losing an average of 11.3 pounds in 10 days. The American Medical Association recommends consulting a physician before starting this or any other weight loss regimen.

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PLC Price $205.00


If you are dissatisfied with any Purium Product for any reason you may return the unused portion for a full refund no questions asked.

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