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Increase your "skinny hormone" and reset your metabolism:

Metabolism Reset

Did you ever notice that some people can eat anything and never seem to gain weight, while others seem to hold on to every calorie? And if you’re one of these “other” people…that even when you try to lose weight, (and you’re willing to try almost anything), you seem to gain back more than you lost?

Well, scientists have now discovered the difference between lean body types and those that are heavier. The big difference is a HORMONE…and the lean body types have a lot more of it. It’s called ADIPONECTIN.

The Skinny Hormone

Adiponectin turns fat into energy. And adiponectin is the KEY to long-term weight loss. You can think of adiponectin as “the skinny hormone!”

Normally, when you eat carbohydrates and sweets, your body turns that extra sugar into stored fat, but if you have enough adiponectin, then your body can easily convert that fat back into glucose to fuel your cells! If you don’t have a lot of

Scientific Proof

So the question is – Can you increase the level of adiponectin in YOUR body?
And The Answer is YES!
In fact, clinical studies have proven it.

For a brief summary of the clinical studies on the reset pack, please click here.

Real people. Real results.

The Reset Pack has a 100% natural, organic and gluten-free superfood that will stimulate your body to produce 40% more adiponectin in less than 100 days! This 40% increase is about the difference between lean people and those who are clinically considered obese. For just $3 per day (PLC Member Price) you can increase your adiponectin levels and decrease your waistline.

Are you ready to look and feel better than you have in years?

Are you ready to prove to yourself finally that you can succeed?


Just two products, once per day for 100 days, can increase your adiponectin level by as much as 40%! Power Shake in the morning. Daily Fiber Blend in the evening. Just add water, shake and you've got great-tasting drinks in seconds. Boost your adiponectin. Maintain even blood sugar. And super-charge your cells with superfood nutrition.

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Never reduce or discontinue the use of a medication without doctor’s approval. Weight loss results will vary. In 2013, participants reported losing an average of 11.3 pounds in 10 days. The American Medical Association recommends consulting a physician before starting this or any other weight loss regimen.


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Real People. Real Results

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