Because we manufacture our own products, we can pay out more to you

The concept is really simple and really important. There are no middlemen in our farm-to-family business model, which means we can provide better products at a better price and payout more money to you for sharing them.

You Give $50. You get $50.

Our Give $50 / Get $50 program is about as simple as it gets. You hand out $50 Gift Cards and Purium pays you a $50 bill every time a card is redeemed for a 10-Day Transformation. But that’s just the beginning. When someone enrolls in the business as a Promoter, you can earn even more … up to $350 for a single redeemed Gift Card. That means you can Give $50 and get $350! And then your new Members have Gift Cards that they can hand out. And you can get paid on these purchases as well. And if they purchase more Gift Cards, guess what, you even get paid on the Gift Cards themselves!

The largest cash bonuses in the industry: Up to $10,000 per month!

Other companies offer “car bonuses” which lock you into a lease of the car that they want you to drive. They pick the brand and they even pick the color, then you get stuck with the lease. Our Lifestyle Bonus pays out up to $10,000 per month in cash! You decide what you want to do with it. Get a car. Pay off your mortgage. Save for retirement or college for your kids. Take an exotic vacation without putting it on the credit card. The opportunities are endless. This extra monthly cash bonus can change the trajectory of your financial situation.

Earn up to 64 additional paychecks this year

Most compensation plans pay monthly OR they pay weekly. The Purium Compensation Plan pays monthly AND weekly. That’s 64 opportunities for you to earn income. How would you like to earn 64 additional pay checks this year?

Leverage is the key to long-term wealth

The Purium Compensation Plan is based on a Unilevel System, which means you get paid on the product purchases of EVERY Customer and EVERY Member you enroll … plus you can earn income on their Customers and Members … and their Customers and Members … through an infinite number of levels. Yes, you can potentially earn income on an order placed 20 levels below you!

Duplication is the key to leverage

Because of our unique 10-Day Transformation program, it is much easier to acquire new Customers … and because of our unique Gift Card Marketing System it is much easier for your new Members to duplicate and enroll others. More Customers and more Members mean more volume and more income. That’s the power of duplication. We have a lucrative plan that eliminates the “gotchas,” so when the Gift Cards flow, your distribution grows, and so does your check!

Here are a few highlights of the Purium Compensation Plan

  • Higher payout because we manufacture the products
  • Simple “Give $50 / Get $50” Gift Card payout
  • Largest monthly cash bonuses in the industry – up to $10,000 per month!
  • Weekly AND Monthly Pay – 64 earning periods every year
  • Three vacation trips built into the plan
  • Get into profit fast with Gold Rush Promotion
  • Up to 30% Retail Bonus and up to 45% for Health Professionals (Paid Weekly)
  • 36% Unilevel Bonuses (8 levels)
  • Up to 4 generations of Matching Bonuses for Diamonds and above
  • 2 x 2% Infinity Bonuses
  • 3% Crown Pool
  • 1% Blue-Red Diamond Pool
  • 1% Diamond- Green Diamond Pool
  • Some of the LOWEST rank advancement requirements in the industry
  • One of the SIMPLEST structures for qualifications in the industry

It’s the perfect storm

Everything is in place and almost no one knows about us. We offer the long-term stability of a 23 year-old manufacturing company with the start-up potential of a company that has just undergone a complete re-branding. So you may find it easier to build a Purium business. And when you build a residual income with us, it will be here to stay!

Can you actually make money promoting Purium? Absolutely!

We don’t hide our “average earnings chart,” we put it front and center for you to see. Notice how the average earnings grows from rank to rank. It’s a smooth curve. Complete balance. Lucrative from top to bottom!

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