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Lost 40 lbs in 12 months

I was fit and healthy at the age of 49. I suffered a back injury and refused surgery. Lived in excruciating pain for several years and had limited mobility. Then menopause set in and that also packed on some belly weight. Then I had severe life stress including a divorce. I suffered anxiety and depression, no energy and my reading vision was getting blurry too.

I wanted to lose weight after my back injury and menopause and tried everything! I watched my colleagues in Hawaii for a few months and was thoroughly impressed. However, the symptom relief people were expressing on HHH impressed me as well.

I never dreamed this product would show me such immediate results. I've tried many! Thank you so much from my heart…immense gratitude. I was so surprised to see how quickly the body transformed! Amazing! My depression of 15 years was totally gone from day 2! This was huge for me!

Today at 59 I have lost 40 lbs., my vision has improved, my anxiety and depression are gone. My libido has increased and I have tons more energy and best of all I have the most confidence I've had in a very long time. My grandkids are happy to have grandma playing basketball, volley ball etc. too. Personally the emotional balance makes me very HAPPY! I'm committed to this journey and I love it!

Accomplishing what I set out to do - completion! Being the best I can in anything I do that will inspire others - YES, achieved!

Gloria C.
Lost 40 lbs in 12 months

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