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Out-earning corporate CEOs before he’s 30

I took on this Challenge to lose weight, get healthy, detox & break unhealthy eating habits. But in 10 Days, Purium did all that & MORE! More than what years of doctor visits have done. More than I could ever have dreamed possible! I was so excited by the 15lbs I lost on my first transformation that I didn't even notice right away ALL the other things that happened. In only 10 days I stopped SNORING and the Sleep Apnea is GONE! I have no more MIGRAINES... In fact, no more headaches of ANY kind! I have no more allergies and the puffy/swollen eyes I've had for over 15 years have suddenly gone down!

At 25 he was given some great advice. To create that lifestyle he dreamed of he needed to be his own boss and become an entrepreneur. Hale was introduced to Purium in May 2013 and was amazed by the 10-Day Transformation and by the potential the $50 Gift Card marketing program could have. Plus, Purium made it easy to live a healthy lifestyle so Hale was ALL IN.

Armed with his background in finance, a natural planning ability, and a hunger for change, he charted a course that led to financial freedom and a sound mind and body. Now Hale has built a team of life-minded entrepreneurs and together they work hard, play hard and are out-earning their peers with corporate jobs.

“Plan the work, work the plan."

Hale P.
2-Star Crown
Since Member Since:
May 2103

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