Ikaika and Nalei L.

Ikaika and Nalei were introduced to Purium in late 2013 and were attracted to the idea of healthy weight loss by way of a superfood cleanse. Additionally, the idea of the $50 gift card struck them as a genius method of sharing this amazing transformation experience. The rest is an unveiling of a truly amazing story.

Ikaika and Nalei both worked full time jobs and struggled to balance work, kids, and time to spend together. Their jobs gave them little room to breathe financially and also took them away from attending their children’s extracurricular activities, something they love to watch.

When they made the decision to build their Purium business they set out on a goal to not only match their incomes but be able to have the freedom that network marketing provides. They armed themselves with an amazing product, a simple system, and a “never give up” attitude. In 6 months Nalei was able to walk away from her full time job and in 9 months they tripled their full time incomes.

Today they can be found at every single one of their kid’s events if they are not traveling and spending the time together that they never had before.

“When you want something bad enough, you find a way. It’s never perfect but as long as you never give up and keep helping others succeed, you find that you succeed in the end”.

Ikaika and Nalei L.
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